May 2011

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Object of beauty in rearview mirror closer than might appear

The lovely Miss Brooke — stylist, pianist, music therapist, organic picker, “Lost” philosopher and devoted consort to a dude taking a five-month stroll. Or simply, the most understanding woman in the world. As I lay on the living room floor in a pool of sweat after a 3-mile run-that-became-a-walk, she called it even before I could heave it out. “I want to start a scholarship,” I said. “I’m thinking of doing something to raise money … I think I may, um –” “You’re going to walk back home, across the country!” she said rather matter-of-factly. The lovely Miss Brooke gets me. She gets this Walk.. Apparently, she gets it miles before I do.

With the walk less than two weeks away, I’m looking for a few generous sponsors to aid me on my Walk across America. Help me help them. Help me help you help them. (If you’d prefer to give directly to the Scholarship Fund, see the post below. It’s a win-win!) If you or your company are interested in helping me along the Walk, please contact me directly at (310) 663-4163. Plenty of publicity and marketing opportunities over the next months.

Could've sworn there were sponsors over in the valley of rainbows and gumdrops.


The Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund can now accept donations! Help keep dreams alive for some deserving warriors. While we undergo a little site construction here, you can donate via the “Donate Now” button in the lefthand column of the web site.
(1) Click button
(2) Make sure it says “Onny and Oboe Fund”
(3) Give what you can. Every little bit helps. Even a penny a mile is 30 bucks!
Easy peasy.
Feel good about being one of the founders of this scholarship, and this entire walk across our country. It looks good on you! (All donations are tax-deductible, IRS-approved and Mikey-likey.)

It’s legalese, not “legal ease.” But the whole process made it more fulfilling yesterday, signing the letter of intent for the Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund. It’s real. It breathes. It’s accepting donations (in the coming days). For more information about the scholarship, click on the “Onny and Oboe” tab above. Let’s see where this exercise in ‘dollar-store philanthropy’ takes us. The first step in a journey of 3,000 miles.

My mind wandering from thoughts of the Walk (across America) to leaving behind “sure things” in my jobs and apartment to starting a scholarship with few funds in one month’s time, I noticed the license plate of the car I was following. Ha! … OK, I get it. Stay the course.

Without realizing it, I was being led.