Band aid: Friends and family turn the surreal sublime

What, no Oboe? Jess and Ryan lead the Onny and Oboe All-Star players by the sea.

After walking through the summer, into the fall and weathering the winter, I was getting used to layering and waiting for the white stuff to drop. So it’s been kind of surreal being back in the Sunshine State, wearing shorts in January, as if I just hyperspaced after a six-month slog across the country’s asphalt. Sitting in the window seat on the plane from Philly International, I couldn’t even bear to watch the landscape zoom past (covering in six hours the distance it took me six months to walk). I couldn’t bear to watch, pulling the window shade down and sleeping it off, as if a bad dream.

Tuckered out in Laguna

Man’s fantasy of flight is nowhere inside me. I longed to be among the trees and the bluffs, or at river’s edge. But it didn’t take long for the Pacific seabreeze and California love to take hold. Last Sunday, Brooke and I celebrated the walk with family and friends (and collected donations for the Onny and Oboe Fund) in Laguna Beach, where our hosts, Jessica and Ryan, even entertained the gatherers on violin and guitar. We walk on. We walk together. On such a winter’s day.

Thanks to John Loftus of the Northeast Times in my native NE Philly for his thoughtful piece on the conclusion of the walk across America (CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE). A nice feeling to have the hometown paper come out and keep the Onny and Oboe fire burning back in the Great Northeast. And, yes, I’m still scanning the outside of buildings looking for outdoor electrical sockets to charge my phone.


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