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Shirt happens: Visit the Onny and Oboe Outlet today. (Click me)

A year after reaching the beaches and concluding the Walk Across America, we still have some miles to go before the Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund can begin helping the families of heart transplant patients. Maybe you can’t walk a mile in my shoes, but now you can in my hoodie. Presenting: The Onny and Oboe Outlet — gifts, gear and gulping devices (gotta stay hydrated) that make perfect holiday presents. Not only do you outfit someone you like in some meaningful threads, but also make a contribution to the Onny and Oboe Fund. All profits go directly towards helping some deserving warriors. It’s the answer to the complex question: 1) How can I still help now that the Walk Across America is over?, and 2) What’s in it for me?

Bang a gong, get it on.

Treat yourself. Treat your friends. Treat that guy who laughs too hard at your jokes. Kill your enemies with love. The Onny and Oboe Fund is alive and well, but we need your help. Never mind the Mayans. If the world ends on 12/21 your karma will be on a hot one. Be bold. Walk confidently into 2013. As the snow lands outside your window ledge and your nephews spike the hot apple cider, warm everybody’s hearts with a gift from the Onny and Oboe Outlet. Forget that tired North Face. You can get your O & O face.

Of course, you can still donate directly to the Onny and Oboe fund here or press the “Donate Now” button to the left.

Aaaah, what's in the box?



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A banner night for Onny & Oboe: Put the "fun" in fundraiser on Friday, Dec. 30.

Channel your inner-Cleese to win $$$ in our Silly Walk contest.

The size 11s have been lifted to the rafters. Coogs the cart is in dry dock. The moisture-wicking wardrobe spin cycle. While the walk to Ocean City may have ended, the journey to fund the Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund is just beginning, the families that will be empowered still fighting. Please join us on Friday, Dec. 30 (from 8 to 11 p.m.) at Paddy Whack’s in Northeast Philadelphia for a night of celebration & cheer, shiny things & silly walks in commemoration of the Walk Across America. All proceeds will go directly to the Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund, providing the families of heart transplant patients with a second chance to pursue their dreams. Wear your well-worn walking shoes. Prepare a “silly walk” for a cash contest. Play tickle and chase. It’s all good, and all in the playful spirit of Onny and Oboe. A $40 cover charge includes all-you-can-eat buffet; beer, wine and soda at our private bar (cash bar for the stiffer stuff); door prizes, raffles, baskets and shiny surprises; DJ and dancing; a special appearance by “Coogs”; Siamese acrobats in Cosby sweaters; and much, much more. Bring some extra cash to partake in the contests and bid on the take-home treasures.

Who wants to wait till 2012 to "bring it" (in worn-out shoes)?

Paddy Whacks is located at 9241-43 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19114 (215.464.7544). We will have a private room downstairs. You can peep their website here. For those traveling from far and wide (people after my own heart), there is a Sheraton and Roosevelt Hotel located within a half-mile (or a preferred 10-minute walk!). All ages welcome! Bring your friends, your family, your allies and your mates.

We will need to compile an accurate head count by Wednesday, Dec. 28. I know it’s short notice, but the road can be a fickle, winding, enthralling guide that turns on a whim and stokes the spirit. Trust it. Put the wraps on the holiday season with a gift that keeps on giving. Start the New Year on a righteous road. Please RSVP to either mikeytwalks@gmail.com or brookeryan.tittinger@gmail.com. You can pay $40 at the door or online through PayPal (Please add $1.50 per ticket for “PayPal’s take”).

From all of us at Mikey Walks (because no one walks alone), we thank you for your continued support, we wish you the best of holiday seasons and we look forward to meeting up along the road to Paddy Whack’s.

Child transporter, Walk across America gear carrier or mobile beer cart? The walk to Paddy Whacks is lined with dreams and Yuenglings.

To those who have questioned, inquired, and disbelieved that Mrs. Mikey Walks is a genuine supporter, allow me to shed some light on my position.

Being married to the one you love is exhilarating, and challenging. Having a supportive spouse allows you to self-reflect and share who you truly are with another person through the ups and downs of life. If any religion should be concerned with marriage, it is because it moves you into a position of spirituality by the pure nature of human relationships. In order for a marriage to work, both parties need to be dedicated not only to compromise in the relationship (peace-making), but working on what makes ourselves “peace-full.” You cannot be a good and functional spouse, parent or friend unless you, yourself, are fully happy, wholly satisfied and well.

It is through learning, self-reflecting, meditating, creating and serving others that I am able to find this peace. It is through connecting to nature, practicing yoga and focusing inward in meditation that I feel God’s presence. These activities and states of being enable me to feel peace and balance. When I pass up opportunities to connect with myself, all other aspects of my life suffer. Although, as humans, we are social beings, everything we need lies within ourselves.

Michael is creative, caring, determined and courageous. He is good on his word and doesn’t take no for an answer. He has intuition, guts and a sense of humor. Over the course of our marriage, his well-being was compromised by the lack of a balance. He did not complain, judge or feel sorry for himself, but his peacefulness suffered quietly behind unfinished business. I could sense it when we talked about the future, when he didn’t want to make plans. I could sense it when we talked about the past, when he had forgotten from where he came. I knew it when he seemed unsatisfied and frustrated with the projects he had done, and guilty for the ones he had not. Read the rest of this entry »


I’m leavin’ west
Headin’ back east
Taking this time
To learn how to breathe

For a free mp3 of Matthew Quinet's "Call", written exclusively for mikeywalks.com and the Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund, use the "contact me" tab above. (Click on image for more music from Matthew Quinet)

I heard a call
Something inside
Telling me to go
It was you on the line

Now I’m walkin’ it off
I’m clearin’ the way
So people like you
Can be here today.

I’m leavin’ west
Headed back east
Makin’ amends
Settiin’ us free

I heard a call
So I picked it up
Put my foot down
Then raised it for love

Now I’m walkin’ it right.
I’m clearin’ the way.
So people like you
Can be here today

I’m leavin’ west
Headin’ back east
Knowin’ not who
Or what I will meet

I’ll need your voice
When the struggle begins
When the pain starts to pound
When the rain checks my chin.

I heard a call
When I thought I was fine
Tellin’ me to move
It was you all the time

Now I’m walkin’ it through
I’m clearin’ the way
So people like you
Can be here today.

Yeah, I’m walkin’ it through
And I don’t need to pray
Because I have your light
To show me the way…

Hope's not such a dangerous thing, Red. The Onny and Oboe Scholarship can help us all find Zihuatanejo.

I may have to walk a while to elude televised replays of “The Shawshank Redemption”, but it’s storyline is fresh in my mind as we trudge through the desert. No crawling “through 500 yards of smelling foulness I can’t even imagine” (except maybe my dirty socks bag), but Andy Dufrasne’s epic and deliberate path to Zihuatanejo still inspires in the quiet of the desert. Before I left on the walk across America, I found myself repeating the line: “It’s time to get busy living, or get bust dying.” Now, that I’m meeting more and more people and pointing them to this web site, I’ve found there’s another Dusfrasne witticism rolling around in the high desert winds: “If you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further.” If I’ve piqued your interest, made you smile, even annoyingly filled your inbox; or if you’ve seen me out on the roads and dialed up mikeywalks.com out of curiosity … I hope you’re willing to come a little further and donate to the Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund. It may be my name on the website and the sign on my back, but the Mikey Walks fundraiser will be history next year. It is my hope the Onny and Oboe Fund will be helping heart transplant patients and their families rebuild their lives and dream anew long after I’ve hung up my worn-out size 10 1/2s.

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things."

A Peanut-Butter blizzard with Troop 66 before their night of comedy skits.

A Peanut-Butter blizzard with Troop 66 before their night of comedy skits.

Heading for the hills and the Nevada border has me reflecting on where I’ve already been, and those I’ve met. While walking may seem reflective, solitary, anti-social, thus far it’s far from that. It’s been collaborative, even social. Heading for Dixon last week, I began my walk at the intersection I’d left off the night before. There was a stop sign, a metal works plant and open fields. I wasn’t looking forward to the day at all. Then, right at that drab, dusty field a series of hot-air balloons from Napa were looking to land. It was there watching the sky parade I met Cricket, her daughter Nancy and grandson Aiden. The intersection, and day, became a party that ended with camping at a skydivers’ event her son was attending that night. In Davis, there was Dan and Boy Scout Troop 66, who bought me a DQ Blizzard in exchange for hearing my story. When I was in service road hell en route to Sacramento, Bruce broke from the pack of aggro cyclists to see what the lonely walker was all about, and donated to the cause on the spot. Meditative? Much of the time. But lonely? Not yet.

At your service: Bruce made a workman's walk worthwhile.

Cricket and the sky parade started the dodge to Dixon.

Cutting room floor: The paper

OK, so that isn’t the version they’re likely to print, but it was fun turning the tables, this time being the subject of a newspaper article (coming soon to a blog near you). After the PODs peep carted off most of my possessions, I was down to an air mattress, backpack, random trash (including a bacherlorette party favor) and some blue apartment walls I needed to paint over. (Because no one likes to be left with blue walls).
The week saw a number of firsts, including my first public appearance in support of the Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund, when I was invited to speak to the Santa Monica Kiwanis Club in support of the foundation and mikeywalks.com. Two jobs, an apartment and some Restoration Hardware bull$#!t all gone June 1. Now it’s mikeywalks full-time. Yeah, man! Peter Fonda never felt so free!